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How to Make an Essay Longer

How to Make an Essay Longer? 5 VERY Useful Tips!

Here are a few ways to make your essays longer…

Most times, it is a long drawn out struggle to meet the word count as well as the required page limit for your essays. This becomes quite dreary if you’re faced with multiple papers as well as exams, and often enough, students are always in search of tricks to get past these little issues with either increasing font sizes or even adjusting margins a great deal. We understand your struggle, as such, our article will feature the top 5 tips for not only increasing your essays length, but it will also add both depth and clarity.

First on our list is looking back at your rubric or prompt. The first thing you should ask yourself is if you answered all the questions which were in the prompt. The second question is finding out if you provided thorough evidence to support your claims. The third question is, have you left out important information which would increase your readers understanding. And, our last question is beside the initial length, did you meet all the other requirements, if your answer is no, you simply need to revise your entire paper.

Second on our list is, you should ensure that you read over both your conclusion and your introduction. Most times, a single idea evolves throughout the writing process, and it is advisable that you reread your introduction paragraph with an open mind. This just means that you could have left out important information. When looking over your conclusion, ensure that you did provide the reader with a solution as well as a summarized idea of your main points.

Third on our list is the use of quotations. There is a high possibility that you already included quotes into your masterpiece since they tend to add depth to your arguments as well as they can drive your word count up a great deal. Example, “We do the best research in the industry,”  Or something similar. However, quotes shouldn’t be generously sprinkled just because you are short on words.

Fourth on our list is reviewing your outline. If you made a planned outline before you actually started your essay, you should revisit it in an attempt to ensure that you did indeed write about the points you intended to make. In some cases, you will actually see that you did some how leave out an important piece or two. As a result of your correction, your essays quality would increase along with your word count.

Fifth on our list is the inclusion of transitional phrases. Most times, your teachers will actually be looking for those linking words. You should always read over your paper as much as you need to, this will indeed help you to see where your sentences aren’t smoothly flowing. If they aren’t, you can easily fix it by including transition phrases as needed since this will make your work a bit easier for reading and it will also get you closer to your desired word limit.

As we conclude our article, we have just looked at the top 5 tips for increasing the length of your essays. Instead of the typical tricks like increasing your font size and your margins, it is always better to re-examine your work. Remember, re-examining not only provides an easy way to increase your word count, it also ensures that your work sounds and looks smarter while adding depth to it.